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The major change currently is of course the move from my old ISP-addressed home page to www.butoba.net. Why www.butoba.net? Well, as those of you who have visited this page before might have an inkling, I have a certain fondness for a defunct battery tape recorder manufacturer called Butoba. And after reading in a Butoba sales brochure how their machines could be useful ...for loudspeaker automobiles... ... well, here it is, my virtual soapbox on the net. Ready for replay at any time, anywhere.

Another change has been that the main start page now is in English, with the Swedish start page still being available, but not the primary entrance anymore. The 'net (and the whole world) is becoming more and more globalized, and most Swedes speak and understand English pretty well anyway these days.

The final change is more space ! So I will be able to put up larger files here for downloading or whatever.

At this time you'll find the following goodies here:

Comments, ideas or just some general chat, you're always welcome to drop me a line ...

Thanks to Doctor HTML for helpful hints on improving the HTML coding and spelling of these pages!.

Last updated 26/1 2016