The instrumentation on the GSA - ready for lift-off!

Instruction manual GSA 1982

In most cases, a picture of the car exterior is used for the cover of the instruction manual. Not so with the GSA! Instead, the instrumentation is shown in all its glory. The steering wheel is in fact not transparant at the "satellites", but the drawing has been made to show all buttons and lamps. (The picture shows the instrumentation on the Pallas versions. The Spécial and Club variants are somewhat simpler.)

On the left hand satellite are the switches for the headlights, blinkers, horn and windshield wipers. On the right hand satellite buttons for miscellaneous functions can be found.

Straight ahead is a most instructive (?) panel with failure indicators. A small line from the indicator in question shows where in the car the problem is. (Actually, I think the picture is there so that the driver can enjoy the shape of the car even when driving.) Under the indicator panel are the "bathroom scales" style speedometer and odometer. Under these, at each side of the single-spoked steering wheel, are the clock and fuel guage in a more conventional manner.

Driver's view in a GSA

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