The GSA compared to the GS

GSA and GS

GSA -85 and GS -73

The car on the left is a GSA from 1985, whereas the one on the right is my GS from 1973. As can be seen no significant changes have been made during the 12 years that have passed between the two cars. The bumpers, rear-view mirrors, trimmings, side blinkers and the pattern on the grille have been changed, and there is generally more polished chrome on the 70's models in stark contrast to the matte blank trim popular in the 80's.

What can't be seen in the picture is how the rear of the car has been changed; while the GSA is a hatchback, the GS has a small box-shaped bagage compartment. The instrumentation is also different, but the same bathroom scales type speedometer that the GSA has can also be found on the GS, at least on models up to 1977.

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