Snapphanerallyt 1997


Every year, in the spring, the southern section of the Swedish Citroën Club arranges the so-called 'snapphanerallyt', named after the Danish rebels who hid in the forests in the north-eastern part of the province of Skåne in the 17th century when the region was being taken from Denmark by the Swedes. The first rally took place in this area.

This time however, the rally took place on the south-eastern coast of the region, starting and ending on the camping grounds at Borrbystrand. The rally itself took place first along the coast in a southern direction, and then in a loop into the country before returning to the starting point. Quite a few breaks were taken, either to find the answers to the quiz that was part of the rally, or to eat something, or just to relax and have a nice time.

People participate with all types of Citroën cars, but the DS/ID and 2CV are the most common. DS and 2CV
Ami 6 -68 Even some slightly more unusual cars show up, like this Ami 6 from 1968.
From Denmark, which is very close by, a group of enthusiasts usually show up from the Danish 2CV club, whose cars are depicted here forming a line in the parking lot at the Borrbystrand camping grounds. Danish 2CVs
Lots of Citroëns... The weather was nice and quite warm, so a break now and then was needed. An unusual sight to see so many Citroëns at once!
The rally finished on the camping grounds, where prizes were handed out, amongst others in the shape of 2CV posters. The Judges
Lots of Citroëns at the camping The sun is starting to set over the many Citroëns on the camping grounds.

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