- members of the original band

Picture of the band The Stahlwerk line-up was originally six people, but dropped to five after a number of concerts.

Half Rutter on the band members:

"Ms. Hitbox seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. All attempts to track her down in her native Sweden have been futile. There are rumours that she escaped to North America to avoid the pressure from her fans. Apart from her role as singer she appears to have been the manager for the band."

"Salz-Karin had very few lead lines, but did do Blinkar Blå as a duet with Howard Jonas. I think she didn't really like the limelight, but was attracted to the band's image just the same."

"Jonas was the only male singer and had to mimic a lot of types of singing owing to the diversity of the bands they covered. In particular, the German accent on The Model is impressive, as is the nasal voice in Blinkar Blå, although in the latter case, I'm almost sure he had the help of a co-operative mixing engineer."

"Mats Orbation's was originally called Mats Urbation. I don't know why the change was made - perhaps the original name was too much for Swedish censorship!. He disappeared from the band after a while, only to re-appear on the final concert date as a guest guitarist and dancer. Mats is one of the few that has carried on with the music to some extent - reliable sources tell me he's been behind acts such as X & Y and Jamming Frequency."

"Probably coolest on stage was Blippgren. He's simple, almost robotic, one-hand wave to the audience always brought on a load of cheers from the audience. With a synth band, it's always difficult to see who's playing what, but Blippgren appearantly took on a lot of tricky solo work."

"The Synthprofessor is the only person I've been able to track down - a strange glitch in the bands appearantly complete anonymity. I actually managed to get a short interview with him owing to lucky circumstances.

Recent rumours indicate that the band has actually started to play again, although the female vocalists seem to have been replaced for unknown reasons.

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