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Rumours have it...

...that since the end of 1998 Stahlwerk Einundneunzig has been making appearances at special occasions. Synthpop addicts wandering about in Lundagård (Lund, Sweden) on the evening of November 6th, 1998, have reported hearing obviously live strains of Big in Japan and Diamanter unmistakingly sung by Howard Jonas. Upon trying to enter the building, they were told, "Sorry, no entry, this is a private party".

Other reports have been confirmed that wedding guests to the wedding of Martin and Mia Gren were actually subjected to a short but nevertheless live concert featuring Stahlwerk Einundneunzig, although some of the original band members seem to have been replaced. The gig was said to be sponsored entirely by Martin Gren, long-time fan and promotor of the band. It is not clear whether he actually sponsored a gig outside Lund at Estancia at the end of May 1998 as well, but several reports indicate that Stahlwerk indeed performed there during another private party.

The question arises, when will Stahlwerk again play at a public event for the world's synthpop heroes?

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