- the wedding gig!

Although untypically bright for a Stahlwerk gig, it has been verified using modern forensic methods that these images were actually taken at Mia and Martin Gren's wedding, and it is obvious that they depict Stahlwerk Einundneunzig doing a gig at this event.

Der Syntprofessor

The Syntprofessor as Mr Analog

Der Patrik

Fitz-Patrik Blippgren as Mr Digital

Die Sänger und Sängerin

Featuring new vocalists Lee-Malin Kleinbabs and Fräulein Mädchen Stein together with Howard Jonas in the background.

Die Geräte

Same line-up of equipment prooves this is a real Stahlwerk gig! From top to bottom, Yamaha RX-11 drum machine, the MG-System sequencer (a 6809-based machine originally designed by Martin Gren!), on-stage Pollux KBM-1 audio mixer, Cheetah MS-6 synthesiser and Roland U-220 sample player.

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