Ricard's synthesizer page

Groovy image of a Korg MS-20

On these pages I'll be collecting some odds and ends when it comes to analog and other older synthesizers. For instance, check out my very own analog synthesizers. Or, take a look at my page of not-so-usual synths.

Many years ago, I designed a MIDI retrofit for the Korg Polysix. It's now available as a kit from Johannes Hausensteiner who's also taken the opportunity to add some new features to the design. You'll find more about it here.

Another one of my small projects was a small upgrade to the Cheetah MS-6 synth. Read all about it! Now also including the schematics, in two versions.

Although I most enjoy working with older machines, I can't resist some of the newer ones. And I can't resist trying to improve them either. Read about my attempts to improve the Clavia Nordlead 2 keyboard by weighting it down.

Some cool software synthesizer hacks.

Apart from synthesizers, I have a facination for drum machines. When wanting to sync my Soundmaster SR-88 drum machine to my sequencer, I came up with this simple modification.

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