Robert Moog in memoriam

Robert - or as we all called him, Bob - Moog was the father of modern-day voltage controller analog synthesis. He was most famous for his simple yet ingenious transistor ladder synthesizer filter design - probably the most sought-after analog filter design for synthesizers. He passed away in 2005, at the age of 71, just a couple of months before another pioneer, John Simonton. Shortly before his death, he was still designing and working away at the company he once started and later resurrected, Moog Music.

They say 'only the good die young', and as far as I can make out Dr. Moog (yes, he was a doctor, albeit not of the medical kind) was a very kind man indeed. I had the opportunity to meet him once, after a demonstration at a local music shop where he demonstrated the MoogerFooger series of effects pedals. The Minimoog Voyager was also just out at the time as I recall. I made a complete idiot of myself, being extremely nervous about actually speaking with him. Nevertheless he was very kind and humble as I think he was with anyone who approached him.

Anyway, thank you for the music Bob, see you in silicon heaven.

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